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Introducing the

Ridgefield Garden Club

Native Plant Grant Program

The Ridgefield Garden Club is offering grants up to $200 to homeowners in the 98642 zip code for the purchase of Pacific Northwest (PNW) native plants. It is expcted the grant money would be used to create gardens that are more pollinator-friendly, provide native habitat, use less water, and are organically maintained. Applicants will receive a list of PNW plants that meet the grant requirements, but could provide rationale for purchase of other "native-friendly" plants. The grant application dealines will be August 1st, 2024 and February 1st, 2025, just in time for planting season. 

Signage to explain the techniques used will be made available to participants. The grant is for new projects only, and signing the form below allows the committee to take photos of your garden to advertise the program. No addresses will be given.


If you are interested in participating in this grant program, please fill out the application below. 


If you have questions about this program, contact Heather Gordon at  

Apply for a Native Plant Grant

Please take a moment to fill out the form. A member of the Ridgefield Garden Club will contact you after you submit your application. 

What excites you about using native plants?

Thanks for submitting!

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