In May of 1938, fifteen enthusiastic women organized the Ridgefield Garden Club.  In July of that year they were invited to become members of the Lewis and Clark District of the Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs. These women were pioneers in the field of conservation.

The Club won the State Award of Merit in June 1939 for a small park project on the northwest corner of Main and Pioneer for the most outstanding civic improvement of the year.

After holding many money-making projects, the Club purchased land for a future club house in 1947.  Realizing what a major undertaking this would be, the Club donated the land to the city in 1963 creating Davis Park. In 1986 the Club installed new play equipment at the park.

Over the years, a substantial number of other projects have been undertaken and gifts bestowed such as:
- Exterior Benches and planter boxes to Ridgefield Community Library

- Concrete benches to the Ridgefield Cemetery and Abrams Park
-The replica of the “Benson Bubbler” fountain in downtown Ridgefield
-The street clock on Third and Pioneer
-Monies for projects in Overlook Park
-Books about gardening to the library
-Donations to a number of civic groups such as Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and FFA
-Scholarships to students pursuing horticulture related degrees.

Through the years, the Club has planted flowering trees and installed aggregate planters in the parking strips throughout the city. We, the club members, continue to maintain the planters including year round weeding, watering during the summer, and twice yearly seasonal plantings.