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The Ridgefield Garden Club is dedicated to beautification of our community through gardening and gardening related projects.

Members help with our civic endeavors. These are accomplished by our committees and through partnerships with the city and various organizations in Ridgefield.

The plant sale, held by our garden club the first Saturday in May, funds our annual civic projects which include:
  - Year round designing, planting, maintenance, and watering of the beautiful planter boxes in downtown Ridgefield,
  - Contribution of funds for the gorgeous hanging baskets around the city, 
  - Service projects each year as selected by our membership.

Over the years, a substantial number of projects have been undertaken. Besides the annual projects listed, the club has bestowed gifts such as:
  - Benches and planter boxes to Ridgefield Community Library

  - Concrete benches to the Ridgefield Cemetery and Abrams Park,
  - The replica of the “Benson Bubbler” fountain in downtown Ridgefield,
  - The street clock on Third and Pioneer,
  - Monies for projects in Overlook Park,
  - Books about gardening to the library,
  - Donations to a number of civic groups such as Neighbors Helping Neighbors, and FFA,
  - Scholarships to students pursuing horticulture related degrees.

For more information contact us at:

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